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What is drakkr?

Every organization which use Open Source components needs an Open Source Governance.

The usage of Open Source is motivated by multiple vectors such as:

  • Financial
  • Technical
  • Ethics…

Nevertheless multiple risks are identified:

  • License terms
  • Security flaws
  • Project extinction…

Recurrent questionings appears as the maturity of governance evolves:

  • What would be the best component for a specific usecase?
  • Which element should be analyzed to determine a project’s strategy?
  • What is the ROI expected with the adoption of an Open Source Component?

Drakkr is a toolbox designed to help organizations in their integration and management of Open Source Components through best practices recommendations, suggested processes & enterprise organization and Open Source tools.

Drakkr schema

Based on several proven Open Source tools and methodologies such as QSOS, Open Source Cartouche, ECOS or FLOSC.

Still in intensive development, Drakkr is evolving quickly and will be released soon.